Hidden Treasure.

It's been another whirl-wind weekend of working on our new house. [And by new, I mean an old 1930's bungalow.] Saturday was an ALL day work day. And thanks to a lot of friends and family that gave up their day to help us, we were able to get tons accomplished. It's actually starting to look like a home.
In soon-to-be Audrey's bedroom, the hubster found a diamond in the ruff. He decided to remove a wall that was partly covering a floor vent and found this behind it...
Seriously. That is what he found. Grant it, this picture was taken after drywall was put up behind it and has been sanded and primed. BUT we have not touched the woodwork. Isn't it a beauty?

Who in their right mind would cover such a piece? Yeah, we don't know either.

On the other side of that wall is our bedroom, which has already been painted and carpeted and basically completed. So, we don't plan on taking down the wall to expose the other side, we can't afford to lose a bedroom. But, we definitely will keep this side exposed. We are going to place Audrey's bed right in the middle. So it will basically be a gigantic, beautiful headboard.

Oh, and did I mention her room will be pink? Ah, yes, light girly pink. Which leads me to a dilemma I am having. I am looking on Etsy for some wall decals to put in her room. [Love wall decals. In her first nursery I bought little brown birds and put them up. Super cute.]

I think I found the perfect set. From Love Mae Store.
Don't you just LOVE it? The dilemma is this- would it look okay against a very light pink wall? (Please say yes, so I can buy it.) Originally I was looking for some type of dark brown wall decal to accent the hidden treasure and go well against the pink. Then I had to go and find this awesomeness, and I pretty much love that deer. And owl. And tree stump. And hearts.
Oh, what's a girl to do.

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