O-N-E Amazing Party.

It was a beautiful day. It was sunny. And warm. [Okay, sort of warm. Warmer than the nasty, rainy, 40 degrees we have been having.] But what made it even more beautiful, were the people that surrounded Audrey on her first birthday. Seriously. She. We. Are so blessed. I stopped and took it in. This warm fuzzy feeling just came over me while I looked around and saw all the people that love Audrey so much.

It was a celebration of Audrey turning one. It was a celebration of us surviving our first year of parenthood. It was a celebration of Audrey's heart beating well for a year with no complications (after her heart procedure done at 5 days old). It was a celebration for sure.
We had a cereal bar. Which now results in us having to eat cereal at every meal for the next three weeks. We had lots and lots of cupcakes with cupcake toppers on them that I made (I think I made almost 70). Audrey had her very own cupcake cake made by her Aunt Allie and my friend, Debbie. It was amazing. She only ate a little bit of it and I felt like I should be freezing it and keeping it till her next birthday. You know, like people do with wedding cakes. But then people may have thought I was really strange. Oh wait, I am slightly strange.
We had strawberries and bananas and fruit dip and devilled-eggs and chocolate covered pretzels. We had cupcake decorations (it was a cupcake themed party, of course). I used vintage tablecloths.
I made a banner that had a picture of Audrey on the 18th of each month for the last 12 months.
We had books as favors. Elmo, no less. [Funny thing is, Audrey has never actually watched Elmo on TV. But Grandpa has a tickle me Elmo and she loves it. Now we watch the Elmo song on youtube all the time. I actually like it. Okay. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that.]

We had fun. Audrey received some super amazing gifts too. Like a hand-made blanket from my best friend. A pink grand piano. [Seriously. She has her own grand piano now. Next Mozart? I think so.] A shopping cart. A picnic table. A wooden duck to ride. Lots of pretty outfits. A Colts jersey-onsie. A pink Colts hoodie. A tea set from England. A wooden shape sorter. A pink flower bath towel. A vintage purse. Instruments. Hand-knit hat and mittens from Etsy. And her very own, custom made PINK playhouse for outside. Really, it's like a mansion. And it is amazing. I can't wait to share pictures of it. My sister and brother made it for her, along with a lot of other family members chipping in.
Not that material things represent the amount of love by any means, but Audrey is seriously loved. Her friends and family gave very thoughtful gifts. And we are thankful for that. Things that we were never be able to give her.

It was a day to remember. Every first birthday is a day to remember. No matter how big or small. It's the memories that are made.

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