A Pumpkin for you A Pumpkin for me.

I wasn't about to let October slip by without taking Audrey to her first pumpkin patch. So yesterday we headed to Melton's Orchard. [Actually first we drove about 25 minutes to another orchard, that was closed.] It a cute a little shop with pumpkins, mums, apples, and deliciously-tempting peanut butter spread. And there was hardly anyone there, so the kids had free range.

Audrey and her cousin Jonathan enjoyed smacking, attempting to pick up, and rolling the pumpkins. It was nearly impossible to get a good picture of them two together. Two toddlers=one always on the move.

But I did manage to snap these:

After spending about 45 minutes there, I walked away with only spending 26 cents. And it was well worth it. Audrey did not put down her apple until it was gone.

> > > > > > > >> > > > > > > >

An updated note: We were scheduled to close on our house this past Monday. But to make a long story short, last Thursday we were notified that closing was being delayed. It was a rather stressful thing to hear, but fortunately everything got worked out and now we are suppose to close on my birthday! Yay! (October 30).

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