{easy} toddler tshirt dress.

I have been meaning to make Audrey a couple of dresses out of some old tshirts of mine that definitely don't fit me anymore. [The ones I wear to bed that I would be embarrassed if anyone caught me in, especially with a large pregnant belly hanging out the bottom half.] Last night I mustered up enough energy to do one and I am super excited with the results. It hardly took anytime at all. [Due to the fact that I don't measure or iron or you know, act like a real seamstress.]

This is what I started with. A tshirt from Old Navy. I love the material because it is slightly stretchy and doesn't unravel when cut.

And walaah, a toddler tshirt dress...

I pinned on a dress that Audrey already had and basically cut around it for my pattern. I sewed in the sides and cut the bottom off- I didn't even hem up the bottom, because I'm lazy, I think it goes with the look. I used an old pink shirt to cut up and use it on the sleeves and just sewed it on with a zig-zag stitch. Then I made a ruffle using this tutorial. [I will warn you know, ruffles are so addicting, I love to use them on everything because of how easy and cute they look.] I wrapped the ruffle into a circle to make a flower and hand-stitched it on the dress, along with felt leaves.

Then I got the idea to make two hairclips out of the scraps sitting around. I made a yellow ruffle and pink ruffle then hot glued it on the clips.

It helps that I have an adorable model to show it all off. And soon, two little models with be prancing around.

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