it's all about the food.

Two of my favorite places to people watch: airport and fair. And yesterday I made sure to get a good glimpse of the cowboy boots, glitter John Deer belt buckles, and all the racing cut-off shirts at our fair. I love watching the people, the kids, who work so hard to prepare their livestock for such a week. In fact, I secretly wish I was apart of it all when I was kid. Except for the smell. I would fail because of the smell.

The fair isn't about the people though, or the rides [I paid $7 for the armband that to ride all the rides and I didn't get on a single one], but for the FOOD. Leading up to fair night, I dream about all the stuff I want to eat. This time I walked away with super sweet, salty, buttery corn on the cob, a Hawaiian Shaved Ice, half of a gigantic cinnamon roll, and fudge. Naomi was thanking me all night.

And Audrey was thanking me for taking her to see all the animals and rodeo. And for a balloon.

There is nothing like a summer night gorging on delicious food at the fair.

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