That's the number of birthday parties we have been to in the last week and a half. Three of which we hosted-- one for my mother-in-law and two for my husband. [Yes, my husband gets two parties. We have such big families, that sometimes we have to celebrate twice. Which I'm not complaining. Hello, cake?] My nephew turned two and we attended two parties for him. That means in ten days, we are averaging having a birthday dessert every other day. Anyone else having a birthday soon, I would be happy to eat another piece of cake for you.

With all this partying, we have been super busy.

My nephew, Jonathan, blowing out his sweet barn cake (made by his talented mama and my good friend, Debbie).

Audrey enjoying a wagon ride with her cousin and friend. The birthday party took place on a farm, so they had a grand o'time riding around.

There was a "pig pen" set up. Pink balloons that looked like pigs and Audrey just thought it was the best thing ever.

This is in our backyard. I think we had around 14 people there just with my immediate family members. I heart big families, what can I say.

Audrey and Jonathan enjoying dinner together. I love that Audrey has a cousin so close in age. You know, so she can learn how to slyly steal mac and cheese off his plate.

It's been a good partying time. Now we are off on another adventure this week.


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