babywearing times two.

One of my most favorite things about having a baby is being able to have them so close to me. And there isn't really a better way than by wearing them. And now that we have two little ones, that just means double babywearing.

The day before we became a family of four, we took a family date to a waterfall. The husband wore Audrey in the Ergo. It is one of my favorite views, my husband wearing our little one.

Four days after our little Naomi was born, we took a family date to the Farmer's Market. I wore Naomi in the Sleepy Wrap. She slept the entire time and was totally safe right next to me. It was good, very good.

Babywearing is a beautiful thing. Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing wants to acknowledge it's beauty and a call to action toward the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), which are going after all slings and carriers. I'm happy  to be apart of it, because I couldn't imagine not wearing my babies. A practice that has been around for centuries shouldn't just go away. But what we should do is educate ourselves and make sure we understand how to safely wear our babies, just like with any other baby practice (carseats, cribs, etc.).

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