bow obsession.

My birthday is on Saturday, so naturally I have been spending my late evening hours exploring Etsy, when really I should be sleeping, but you know, sleep is overrated. [Actually, it's not and a miss it so much, but then I look at my newborn and think the lack of sleep is totally, totally worth it.] [Also, in case you are wondering, I will be 28. A very plain number. And yes, Audrey's, Naomi's, and my birthday are all in October.]

I like bows. I like their girly-ness and how they remind me of childhood and the age of innonence.

So, when my friend, Kylie, sent me this link to a super cute bow bag, I had to have it. I just ordered the diaper bag for my birthday. Diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags, rock. [Isn't it awesome when friends just know your taste?]

How cute is this? And it's all mine [insert evil laugh here].
source: Peace.Love.N.Polkadots

Here are my other bow wants.

Source: Clementine's Jewelry

Source: Bed Buggs Boutique

Source: Chou Chou Bijoux

Now you have a slight bow obsession, right? 

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