sleep. sisters. and the market.

Last night I had my best night sleep yet with a newborn. I only had to nurse her every three hours, as opposed to two, which is what she had been doing. Do you know how much better three hours at a time is instead of two? It's sort of amazing. Andrew took over for the night, you know, except for the whole, I have to nurse her every couple of hours, but he really helped. And it helped me. And it has totally made my day go a lot smoother. I am a lover of sleeper and one of those people who really needs eight hours, but, I will settle for three in a row for right now. Andrew even said he would take over nights on the weekends for me, which means tonight could be just as good.  [I know, I know, I married a stud.]

Have I mentioned how sweet Audrey is with Naomi? I was afraid she would be overbearing and never-stop-touching-her. But, she is a doll to her. She gives her kisses every now and then, wants to hold her just a couple of times a day. Makes sure to say good night to her and bye. And even calls her "honey-bunny."

I'm so glad they have each other.

This morning we made our weekly trip to the Farmer's Market. Naomi is only 2.5 weeks old and she has already been twice. We picked up a pumpkin and a CD by a local musician playing there called Hoosier Market. It made me feel old, but in a weird, good way. We bought the CD because Audrey loved dancing to it at the market. On the way home we played it and one of the songs compared Hoosiers to Bourbon. [True story.]

You can never have too many accessories to wear to the Farmer's Market.

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