tea for two.

This little girl will be TWO, one week from today.

And I seriously cannot believe it. Having a newborn around makes her seem like is turning five or something. So would someone please tell the hands on the clock to stop tickin' so fast, I can't take her growin' up like this. She is our little narrator-talker-singer-independent-love. And because I'm a proud mama, I can brag on her a bit. She can sing her abc's all the way through, can count to 11, knows lots of shapes, and knows her colors. [By the way, I taught kindergarten, so I think about learning being apart of her every day experience.] She still loves, loves babies. Plays with my dollhouse when I was child every.single.day. Great at playing pretend. Loves for her daddy to "get her." And is a book-lover.

To celebrate her two years, we are having a really low-key (hello, I have a newborn) birthday party in our backyard this Saturday. I planned this about a month ago, knowing that we would have Naomi around too. Fortunately, I even got the invitations out last month.

 It's a Tea Party! Audrey painted each invitation and then I added the picture and stamped the words. [Isn't she a doll drinking out of her teacup?]

The weather is suppose to be beautiful (hopefully it will stay that way) and we will be surrounded by friends and family. I can't wait. I know Audrey can't wait either. She has been talking about how she wants a bicycle and helmet from Gramps for over a month now. I have no idea where this came from, but I'm sure her Gramps won't let her down.

One last thing. Both of my babies are asleep right now and I'm spending my time blogging. I'm crazy and very sleep deprived.  But so in love with my life right now, so it doesn't matter, right?

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