can i tell you.

In the last four days.

Audrey scratched her cornea really bad and had to go to the eye doctor and get ridiculously expensive eye drops. Which basically wiped out an entire day after lots of crying and the doc trying to figure out what was wrong. [Trying to open the eye of a two year old who is in severe pain is not easy. Just fyi.] But, she is okay now.

We went to Chuck E Cheeses. [I'm not a big fan of this place. Kids have to win a zillion tickets just to trade them all in for a small plastic frog that they lose five minutes later in the van. Plus it smells like old metal-plastic.] But Audrey loves it there. Especially when she gets to go with her aunts and cousin. So we go.

We went to the zoo. I love the zoo. But honestly, the dolphin show is lame. [Which is funny, because dolphins are basically my favorite animal. Although I love watching the baboons.]

I participated in a handmade fair all day on Saturday. It was good, and always inspiring to be around other creative people like that. I also posted new skirts in the shop!

Tie all that in with the usually dinner dates with friends, luncheons after church, dancing in the living room, and cupcake making with homemade buttercream icing and you have yourself a full couple of days.

And some just because pictures to throw in there.

(This week I plan on adding some new hair accessories to my little shop, be on the lookout!)

Now tell me something I don't know about you. :) Also, happy May. I really hope all these April showers we have been having brings those May flowers.

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