a few thoughts {from the weekend}.

Over the weekend we took a very quick trip to Chicago to attend a wedding. We stayed over night, which means Naomi and Audrey slept in the same room as us. Let me tell you, sleeping with Audrey is like sleeping with a ninja. No, a ninja on steroids. I had to remove her foot from my face too many times to count. We don't co-sleep over here, because I need.my.space. [This is saying nothing against co-sleeping. Snuggles are beautiful. But I'm like the pickiest sleeper ever. I can hear a cotton ball drop onto a mattress in my sleep.]

Yesterday, we took our first boating trip of the season out on the lake. I don't think Audrey stopped smiling the whole time we were out.

I went on a run last night (without a double jogging stroller) for the first time since before I was pregnant with Naomi, wearing my new shoes. I about died, but now I feel pretty good. I think I will go reward myself by eating a Hostess Cupcake.

Ready for this? We found FOUR baby skunks in our basement last night. My favorite man at this very moment aka Wildlife Guy should be here soon. Please say a prayer their sprayers aren't working. Last week the Wildlife Guy caught two, we thought that was it. He even patched up the hole to the outside. Clearly we were wrong.

One of my favorite moments from the weekend was listening to Audrey making Naomi laugh so much on the car ride home from Chicago.

I hope your weekend was lovely. I would love to hear something that happened with you!

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