small style.

Last week it was rompers and summer dresses. This week we can't leave the house without a jacket and umbrella for that matter. {heavy sigh} Audrey keeps telling me the rain is helping the trees grow. And look mama, it isn't winter anymore is it? It's fing. And when it gets hot we get to go fimming in our swimsoups. Thankful I have a two year to remind me to look on the brightside of things.

Naomi's Small Style: (I love her pose, she is learning to clap right now, so this was in the middle of it.)
Naomi is wearing:
Collared shirt: Carter's, I wish you could see the pattern on it better, it is so sweet.
Pants: H&M (She wears these a lot, so comfy.)
Shoes: Robeez (She has quite a few pair of shoes, but I always put her in these, they are my favorite.)

Audrey's Small Style: (Excuse the unfocused picture, she wouldn't stop jumping and we had an overcast rainy day, so poor lighting.)
Audrey is wearing:
Floral top: Right Bank Babies via Zulily
Striped shirt: H&M
Shorts: Target
Tights: Old Navy
Boots: Gifted (She picks these to wear A LOT.)

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