diy chalkboard frame.

I have been wanting to jump on the bandwagon for a while now by making a chalkboard frame to hang by our dining room table. I wanted a place to write happy notes, scripture verses, menu planning, and just some sweet love notes.

After I realized I already had a frame I could use, I bought a can of yellow spray paint and went at it. I may have went a little spray paint happy by also painting our knife block and utensil holder. [I'm sort of obsessed with yellow right now.] Then the hubster cut a board to fit inside of it out of the scraps from our dining room table he just made [that will be another post!], and I used chalkboard paint I already had on hand. [Note: chalkboard paint can be pricey, but it lasts for many projects or see if a friend wants to split the cost with you and share.]

After everything was dry, the hubster used some heavy-duty caulking glue (obviously I don't know the proper term for it-ha) to connect the board and frame.Then put hooks on the back to hang it. And walaaah, you have a cute and practical chalkboard frame.

Cost of Project and Supplies:
frame: from a garage sale last summer, 50 cents
spray paint: Menards, about $3.50
board: left over scraps, used a saw to cut it
caulking glue: already had on hand
chalkboard paint: already had on hand
hooks: already had on hand
chalk: stole borrowed from Audrey's stash

We have been doing a lot of projects on our house the last couple of weeks, that I really do plan on sharing. There has also been some unplanned (and unwanted) projects that have happened too. Like oh, having to call a Wildlife company to trap what we thought was a groundhog trying to get in our foundation. When we checked the trap Saturday morning there was a baby skunk in it! We were very, very fortunate it never sprayed. Whew. Also, our dishwasher flooded our kitchen last week and we had to rip up the floor and take care of the damage. But fortunately, Andrew's brother owns a water damage company, so we had all the equipment we needed-thank goodness!

Have you been working on any house projects wanted or unwanted?

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