mother's day weekend {nothing dear}.

My favorite moment from Mother's Day weekend wasn't a trip to Ikea with lots of fun shopping. Although I'm happy to announce that after four weeks without a dining room table, it is no more. We now have a table and six chairs and all the other random stuff that somehow makes it into the cart at Ikea. Related note: My husband will be using a tiny wrench for the next seven days to put all this stuff together. My favorite moment wasn't going to the most amazing production of live readers sharing stories on motherhood and about their own mom, called Listen To Your Mother. I was full of laughter and tears all at the same time during the show. My favorite moment wasn't getting to meet some really cool bloggers that I practically know their life story but have never met them in person.  [I know creepy. I mean who would share such details of their life on the internet for others to read and not actually know the person. Ahem.] My favorite moment wasn't drinking three sips of a Cosmo and remember I'm such a light weight, then not being able to finish the one drink I ordered. My favorite moment wasn't reading the card Andrew got me, even though I love how he always puts so much thought into the card and tells me you are so hard to buy for. He seems to nail it every time.

This weekend has been so full with so many wonderful moments. But my very favorite moment? Was on the way home from our big road trip driving in our old Honda Odyssey red van. I turned around to sneak a peek of our two sleeping beauties in the back. Then I glanced at my husband. And right there, my heart literally skipped a beat. Because I knew I was right where I wanted to be. To be a wife and a mom to the ones in that van. Andrew looked over at me after he noticed my smirk that appeared out of no where on my face. What? He asks. Nothing Dear. He didn't know my heart just exploded right there because of him and our two little girls.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there. I hope you found your heart skipping a beat.

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