a little story.

When attempting to put Audrey to bed last night, she procrastinated by telling us that her monkey had to go potty. Then she needed me to sing more sings. And then I walked in to find that she put her Dorothy costume on. Being the stern parents we are, we gave in, told her to come out of her room and have fun. Oh, yes we did. Clearly she was not tired, she jumped on our bed and ran around the room like it was 8 in the morning and not 9:30 at night.

(It's blurry. Because it was dark and I refuse to use flash. And just a little note, little girls wearing Tinkerbell night gowns makes my heart pitter patter.)

Oh, to be two again.

Also, I LOVED reading the comments from the other day, telling me something about you. They were cracking me up and made me really happy to get to know you better. So please, keep telling me great/funny/interesting things about you. And if there is something you want to know about me, shoot, just ask!

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