something to fret over.

My first time around, with having a baby that is, I was totally that mom that fretted over everything. Over-analyze, stress, and whhhhhyyy isn't my baby like other babies?!! I thought about how I was going to take Audrey's paci away for like three months. And I researched potty training like it was my job. Both passages to toddler-hood came and went and it wasn't really that bad. Now with two kiddos around I'm learning to let go and take in the small moments rather than spending my time analyzing things like sleep schedules and which is the best introduction to every baby food. I'm going with my gut instinct. It's not always perfect, but mother knows best, right? [Have you seen the movie Tangled? Audrey thinks it's hilarious when I say mother knows best with a sassy voice like in the movie.]

With all that said, there is one thing I fret over every single day--my babies growing up way, way too fast. Just today, my two year old wanted to go tubing with me on the back of the boat. And so we went, to ride the waves together. And Naomi is getting mobile by the minute. She isn't crawling (yet), but by golly she can get herself around with no problem. [Why yes, I just said by golly. I'm allowed. I'm from southern Indiana. We grow corn. Lots of it.]

I'm fretting over how to make time stand still in moments like these...

Naomi's first pool experience. She loved the water.
And she is pretty much a doll-baby 99.9% of the time.
And in case you were wondering, I kiss her rolls a bazillon times a day.

Audrey was concentrating really hard on her mermaid pose. Ariel doesn't stand a chance.

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