apple orchard and a mom moment.

With our (awesome) playgroup friends, yesterday we drove about an hour to an apple orchard I hadn't been to before. On the way there, all I knew, was it was in the.middle.of.nowhere. And the small country church we passed had a large sign in front that stated "Strangers Expected." Yeah, I started to doubt my GPS, until bam, all of a sudden we were at the orchard.

Despite the cold chill in the air, the kiddos had a fabulous time. What's not to love about goat feeding, big black slide going, haystack climbing, tractor riding, and of course, apple pickin'.

 The slide, I was sure Audrey wouldn't want to go down. Except, yeah, she loved it and went down it multiple times.
You can see how big it is compared to little Naomi sitting there.

I totally had one of those mom moments while I was there. While the girls were having fun climbing the haystacks, I just sort of sat back with a smile and thought this is what it is aboutI get it. I could stand here all day in the cold, and it wouldn't matter because watching the joy on my babies faces makes it all worth it. Then I felt that much closer to my own mama, because I remember her doing the same thing. I know, total goobery-mom moment. But really, it was kind of awesome.

[For those local or nearby, the orchard is called Appleworks. And I definitely recommend the country drive there.]

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