hot air balloons and bows. oh my.

I've been meaning to share Naomi's first birthday party that we had on Sunday. So here it is, mainly in pictures...

A couple of months ago I ordered a dress for Naomi and it became her birthday party theme inspiration. Hot air balloons. Bows. Black and white. Yellow, blue, and pink. I thought it was incredibly adorable and unique. [Golly, I sure do love Misha Lulu. If only I could afford the line more often then just a first birthday dress.]

Three days after the dress arrived in the mail, I made the invitations.
I drew it up and used crayons to color it, and then had copies made.

The cake was made by my talented sister-in-law and friend. In fact, they also made the cupcakes as well!

Vintage suitcases for decorations.
 I made the cupcake toppers, the hot air balloon was a stamp.

The table decorations were simple. I bought some baskets on sale at Michael's
and added some balloons to make them look like hot air balloons.
 (We rented a building for the party, I wasn't ready to hold 40-50 people in our house again.)

Like Audrey's first birthday, I made a banner with pictures of Naomi on the 5th of each month.

We removed Naomi's dress for the cake eating. She was so, so cute with it.
Stuck her hands in and then we told her to take a bite and she went face first into it.

A couple of months ago I made Audrey a dress to coordinate with Naomi's birthday dress. It is her favorite dress to wear, she puts it on at least twice a week. I was glad she was finally able to wear it for the reason I made it. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the light pink part of the dress actually has hot air balloons on it--used an old tshirt of mine!

The party was just lovely. We were surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family. I would have to say my favorite moment was when Naomi got embarrassed when we were singing happy birthday. When we got to her name in the song, she laid her head down on the highchair. And then I melted.

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