THREE. {snow white birthday}.

Since probably June, Audrey has been asking for a Snow White birthday party. I thought she might change her mind by the time October rolled in, but nope, Snow White was definitely still it. So, we went with it. After all, she only turns three once, right? I'm not one to be into characters and themey stuff, but, I am one to be into making my littles happy. And she definitely glowed that morning.

I didn't go all out. But I did do a couple of things to make the party special. Like make a banner to hang from a vintage Snow White book I found at goodwill.

I bought some vintage-looking Snow White pieces I found on Etsy from the store Hey Yo Yo. And used them to decorate the table and for a game. (They played "find the missing dwarfs." They had to ride a pretend horse into the kitchen and find a dwarf to bring back for a treat. It was pretty cute seeing the kiddos riding as fast as they could to find a dwarf.)

We played Pin The Nose On Dopey. I spent a good 45 minutes of naptime the day before drawing and coloring in this Dopey.

What would a Snow White party be without a real Snow White costume, compliments of Audrey's Gamma (Andrew's mom), who made it for her!

Now that I have shared all the nice posed, pretty pictures. Here is real life. And what 12 toddlers plus moms and babies, look like entering your 1150 square foot home. [Also, once Audrey saw all her friends come in with princess dresses, Audrey wanted to change again...into Repunzel.]

We had a blast with a house full of kiddies. They even decorated their own cupcakes!

Happy Third Birthday, my dear Audrey Rose!

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