i declared today a nothing day.

Pretty much for the last eight days, we have been going and going. With lots of fun things that have brought giggles and sheer joy-- like birthday parties at bowling alleys and pony rides and a petting zoo and trips to here and there. Being on the go is good. I love experiencing new things, especially through the eyes of my girls. But sometimes a day or two break, brings us back to the appreciation of just the every day.

That's just what we did today. We let go of commitments and the need to get out of the house. I may have even stayed in my pajamas until the afternoon. Audrey and I started "school" today while Naomi had her morning nap. I have been wanting to do this for awhile now. But I put all this pressure on myself that I had to have this big elaborate plan and nothing was holding up to my own standards. After all, I was a preschool and kindergarten teacher. But the other day, it hit me. Audrey won't care how nice and neat and organized our school time is, she is just going to love doing things together. So this morning she glued noodles onto the letter Aa and then I hid the letter Aa around the house and she had so much fun going on a letter hunt, I think she went on four or five hunts!

Before dinner, we spent a good deal of time outside in our backyard. These days are are almost gone where we hit the beautiful 60 degrees. Naomi watched, while Audrey and I racked up a big pile of leaves to play in. I wasn't sure if Audrey would actually get in the leaves. But then sometimes, she totally surprises me and goes all in. She went all in with the leaves. Even pulled up a chair to jump off into the pile.

There is nothing better than stomping around and throwing leaves up in the air. I'm pretty sure it's magical. 
Hello, fall, I sure do love you.

Tomorrow Audrey turns THREE! We are heading to one of her favorite places, The Children's Museum. And I'm thinking the day may have to start with sprinkled doughnuts.

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