happy halloween.

We started the day out as Dorothy and Toto for a little Halloween party in the morning.

By the evening, she wanted to be a cat. Which went quite well with Naomi's Toto/dog costume from earlier. I love letting her be whatever she wants to be. She has been Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Tiana in the last few days as well. [None of which we had to buy, she has quite the dress up stash, with the cat and Jasmine costume borrowed from friends.]

She greets her friends by their names. Hey Jonah. Hey Hudson. Hey Deacon.

She walks up to each door with confidence in her little cat costume. Trick or Treat. I'm a cat. Meow.

Sister sits back and watches with her little dog ears dangling and a blue face from the sucker she snagged. Oh, the cute.

Oh, aren't holidays the best? Did you dress up? Or your kiddos?
Next up, Thanksgiving. Yay!

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