"that's my mimi."

It's October. Probably my favorite month. I can't get over the gorgeous-ness of the leaves that are starting to blanket the grass. Or how you breathe in the last of the warm days like it's food for your soul. And as I mentioned before, it's a big birthday month in my house.

But also? October is a month that I can't help but think of my mom everyday.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And I know, my mom, would want her story to be shared so others may learn from it. So that's what I do. I share. And bring awareness. This isn't something I normally would bring up on my blog. But I truly believe it is so important to spread the word.

My mom was such a fighter. And a Bob Marley don't worry about a thing type of person. Most of the 4.5 years she battled Breast Cancer, you wouldn't have known that she was going through radiation and chemo almost the entire time. She was diagnosed at the young age of 44 with Stage Four Breast Cancer. You see, Breast Cancer doesn't run in our family. She also nursed all her six of her kids, for a long time. The thought of cancer never popped into my mom's head. After having gallbladder issues and severe back pain, she was eventually diagnosed with cancer. She survived for longer than the doctor's expected.

I wish so badly that she could have met her grandchildren. She lived for her kids and becoming a grandmother one day. But,  I'm thankful I can still teach my children about their Mimi. And if you ask Audrey, she knows. She will tell you.

"That's my Mimi."
One of my older sisters, Lisa, my mom, and me, two months before she passed. See those brown eyes? My girls have them!

So, let's do this. Check ourselves and remind our friends and families to do the same. 
Also? Celebrate with the survivors this month!

[Squeeze your mom for me too. Call her. Because I want to be able to do that so bad.]

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