But I Want It.

Since I am home with Audrey, I do my best to stretch our dollar. Because our dollar has to go very, very, very far. Humor me while I share some of the ways I try to save. [This list is also secretly a way for me to justify not following 'code of conduct' sometimes aka buying things that aren't "needs"]
  • I am a coupon mom. I google EVERYTHING before I purchase it to see if there is a coupon or discount online for it.
  • I cloth diaper.
  • I make Audrey's baby food.
  • I pack Andrew's lunch.
  • I unplug everything if it is not in use. (coffee maker, ipod, computer, etc.)
  • I shop garage sales, Goodwill. [Actually, I really enjoy doing this. I love when I find a steal.]

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't do all of those things all the time. But I do try my best.

Sometimes, though, I just need that Starbucks white chocolate mocha. Or most recently (and the whole reason why I wanted to write this post), I need to buy this beautiful, large 8x10 rug, to fit nicely in our front room. I have already come up with multiple reasons in my head why I need it. For example, our whole house is wood floors, and Audrey needs a more stable flooring to practice crawling and eventually walking. I even had a dream about the rug last night. Is that pathetic or what?

Fine. I will admit it. I don't need the rug. But I just want it. Badly. That's all.

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