Question: So what do you get at a graduation ceremony where you are suppose to shake hands when receiving your diploma, but the Swine Flu could be lurking nearby?
Answer: You get the Chancellor "fisting" at every graduate. [You know what I mean, right? The knuckle to knuckle thing]. It was hilarious.

But what I find more amusing is the fact that there was still skin to skin contact. You think the Chancellor at the Kelly School of Business would have had a brighter idea?

And I totally laughed out loud when the Chance [I can call him that because he is like a bud now since he "fists"], did a double knuckle fist with the diploma in his mouth. Yeah, I said, in. his. mouth.

Don't worry, we take all precautions at the University. [insert chuckle here]

At least it made the ceremony a tad bit more interesting to watch.

Afterwards, we had fun at good o'Applebees.
At least events like these are a fun excuse to totally dress up your baby. Audrey sported her hand-made IU hairband, an IU bib, and a Ralph Lauren dress with her cute cow print leggings.

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