Strawberries and Cupcakes.

I have fifty different things I need to be doing right now while Audrey sleeps. BUT instead, here I am. And I have two things to share that made me happy today:

1) I love my town. Especially when it gets warm out. Today we went to the Strawberry Shortcake Festival in our Downtown. There was music. Strawberries (duh). And LOTS and LOTS of kids. Andrew even took his lunch break to come visit with us. It was super sweet [both the food and Andrew].

2) I went to Michael's today to find crafty things to do. And I walked away with lots of fun stuff for Audrey's birthday. [Wait, you ask, when is her birthday? Um, not for another 5 months. Is it wrong to start planning this early? Okay, don't answer that.] In the dollar section I found the perfect theme-- CUPCAKES! I got napkins, plates, stamps (so I can make the invitations), thank you cards, ribbon, and the most adorable favors. The cupcakes in the picture open up to stick fun favors in! I am getting giddy just looking at the picture.

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