Guess What.

One of the funnest [I don't like saying 'most fun' you should be allowed to say funnest] games ever: Guesstures. Maybe because I secretly wish I was an actress [if I didn't ever have to go Hollywood]. Or maybe because it is a hilarious game for capturing pictures. Either way, it is just plain fun. We played the game tonight with a bunch of friends. Guys vs. girls, of course. And let me just say, I got six points for our team. In one turn. While carrying Audrey in the sling. [Yes, I just patted myself on the back].
My favorite word I had to act out: midwife. My team even guessed it right too! Here I am getting in position for "birth." Hence the legs spread apart and my intense look. What the picture doesn't reveal is me pretending to give myself a needle and then becoming the "midwife" and shaking my head 'no' and using breathing techniques instead. Holla!

BTW- My husband offered multiple times to hold Audrey during the game. My friends offered too. But I enjoyed having my partner in crime right next to me. AND I wanted to show that you can doing anything with a baby in a sling. Even play Guesstures. Which leads me on a tangent...(Get ready, it really is a tangent).

Since Audrey was born Andrew and I 'vowed' to not let our life stop just because we had a baby. Yeah, it has definitely changed. But we didn't want to be one of those couples that all life ends because of children. Sometimes we may have to leave a place a tad bit early or you may have to listen to a crying baby, or I may be nursing right next to you, but we will be there. Audrey has a bedtime, but is she asleep every night by 8:30? Ha, no. Not even close. In fact, right now, at this very moment (10:31pm to be exact) she is hanging out with her daddy, typing messages (aka-letters and numbers with lots of spaces in between) on Facebook. I guess my point is, with all of our non-parent friends, we just want to be an example that life does get better with kids. And life goes on. And you can still live it. That's all. Okay, done with tangent.

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