You Capture: Family

I am glad I have You Capture to motivate me to get blogging. I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. Actually it was kind of nice to be blogging MIA. Sometimes I think we just need a break from the Internet craziness. I can get attached too quickly. It can consume you. One minute I am quickly checking my email and the next thing I know it has been 45 minutes and I am looking up wet bags on Etsy.

Okay, back to the topic. This week's challenge was family. You would think with Memorial Weekend I would have snapped lots of family photos, but somehow I managed to get my picks from a softball game and an afternoon at Sonics [The place with the most delicious extra-long coney dogs. You know, I had one].

Shot #1- Audrey with her Grandpa. I love this shot because Audrey is mesmerized by his beard. She is so focused on it. I love how her lips are even curled in. This was taken at our weekly softball game we attend. It is quite the family event with my husband, brother, and dad that all play on the same team.

Shot #2-Audrey with her daddy. AKA- the most awesomeness husband, ever. You can't really tell, but Audrey fell asleep on him. I love it when that happens. I especially like how she is holding on to his shirt. Like, "don't leave daddy, I'm right here." And if you look closely, you can see the start of her rolls that continue down her legs. I just want to squeeze them and kiss them. Oh, wait, I do that.
These are the family moments I cherish. We aren't doing anything extravagant. Just enjoying life at the baseball fields or going to relax while slurping down an old-fashion root beer. We don't need much to make us happy. Just family. Really, that's all.

P.S. I just looked back at my post and realized part of Grandpa's head was cut out of the picture. Stupid layout must have done it. Sorry. The picture looks a lot better when you can actually see both Audrey and Grandpa's head.

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