I Need To Toughen Up.

I'm sensitive. There's no doubt about that. I cry at sappy movies. I scream and almost cry when we almost hit a squirrel. I definitely tear up when others cry, even if I have no idea why they are crying. Oh, and weddings, don't get me started. Thank goodness I don't cry every time Audrey cries. We would be in trouble then.

I'm sensitive about my baby and being a mom. I know people mean well when they say things, but sometimes, just sometimes, I look into what they say waaaay too much. Like Audrey's size for example. I KNOW it is not a big deal about how big she is. But it still gets to me when I hear "she is so little." Seriously, I know it is nothing. But I seem to get defensive and say "she is bigger than most babies her age." Then I feel stupid for getting defensive. Oh, and I hate getting asked questions like "so, is she crawling yet?" Again, I get defensive and answer "no, but she is scooting herself backwards." Again, completely silly. But that is how I am.

Comparison between babies is the worst. EVERY baby grows at a different pace. Just like how pregnancy is different for everyone and labor. But then why do so many people judge, ahem, I mean compare?

Okay, I better stop there. My rant is over. I am going to toughen up. I can take it.

P.S. I blame part of this rant on me going swimsuit shopping and only coming home with the realization that I MUST workout before purchasing one.

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