Moms Aren't Allowed to Get Sick.

I am totally feeling like Steph at Adventures in Babywearing. Where is our Union for mothers? We can't ever check out. Even when sick. My husband has been sick for a couple of days, so all duty has been on me. I found myself actually getting jealous of him. Jealous of his sniffling. Jealous of his ability to lay in bed all day. I actually wanted to be sick. Then I thought about it. Nope, I don't want to be sick because my duties wouldn't end. I would still be getting up around 4am every morning to nurse. I would still be running up the steps with a load of laundry so Audrey wouldn't realize I was gone. So even though I am still jealous of my husband being able to lie around when sick, I am very thankful I don't hardly ever get sick.

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