Schoooool Time.

Where have I been? Not twittering. Not blogging. But very, very busy. Besides all the house stuff [which we had another showing yesterday and will have one on Saturday], I have been getting back into the groove of the teacher world.

Did you even know I was a teacher? I don't mention it much, because right now, I focus on being a mom. That is my job. BUT, I am scheduled to go back to work in January. Which I am not complaining about, because I have been on maternity leave since last October. It has been such a beautiful blessing.

These past two days I have been at a teacher conference all day. That means being away from Audrey for over 8 hours. Longest. ever. for. me. It was tough. Again, can't complain, the hubster brought her to me on my lunch break so I could see her and nurse. It was the sweetest thing ever to see her chubby little thighs trying to move as fast as she could to see me with the biggest grin on her face. It made my heart go boom boom. The hubster watched her for part of the time and my sister-in-law watched her for the other part. And she was a rock star. And I was all worried about her not doing well with me being gone. Like in the nursery, ahem. But she did just fine.

Anyway, I also had Parent Night tonight. I met the parents to my 24 kindergarteners. Um, yeah, 24 five and six year olds. I am not going to think about that too hard or I might go crazy.

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