We Got It.

As of Friday, the bungalow that we wanted is ours. Can I get a what, what?Italic Or you may do a little dance for us, whatever you prefer. I did both.

Yes, we still have our current home. We have had six showings now on it, in about 2.5 weeks, with one yesterday. We are stepping out on some faith here that it will sell soon.

In the meantime our second baby [it can be called that because it is going to require a lot of work and patience and it needs changed] is our new project. We have so much to do to it before it is 'livable,' but we are super excited. Some may look at our little undertaking and think they are crazy or wow, they are brave. And we are. Holla.
And in case you are curious to what it may look like. Here it is. The outside. And the kitchen. I mean, a big white room that is gross and needs everything new. Just so you get a little idea of what we have in store for us...

On the positive side- it has new siding and a new roof already. So it doesn't look that bad from the outside. We are getting new windows put in.
Oh, and did you notice the table sitting out in the front? Have any guesses as to why it is there? We aren't sure, but we are guessing beer pong may have been a favorable game among the last tenants.
Well, welcome to our adventure. I hope to update frequently on our progress. Which includes already, ripping out the ceilings in two rooms and a hallway and tearing up tile out of the hallway. And mowing the 12 foot grass. Okay, it wasn't 12 feet, but it was really really long.
Stay tuned...

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