When I tell some people I blog, they give me that look. Like, why in the world would you write about your life story for everyone to see?

Because I enjoy it. Simple enough.

But also because I love the blog world. It is a whole community of awesomeness. Especially when you get connected with people that are holding strong when they have been through so much. One in particular, Ryan. He is only six months, but has done more in a life time than I could ever imagine. Please, go check out his story.

And pray for him today as he goes through a really long surgery. Pray for his family too, his mom and dad. As a parent, it is incredibly hard to watch your baby go through any type of pain. When Audrey was only 5 days old she had a heart procedure done to open her pulmonary valve up. It was absolutely devastating to us. To watch our teeny tiny baby go through something like that. We were prayer warriors during the entire time of the surgery. Nothing else mattered. And now. Audrey is doing great. We don't expect any other complications with her heart. Our lives have moved on.

But for Ryan. It is a battle every single day. He needs prayer warriors after him. So, could you be one for him today? And tomorrow? And the next day?

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