Monkey Business.

I heard the giggles at 7:15am. I did not want to get up. I was warm and cozy in my bed. Husband can tend to her. I am staying in bed as long as I can.

Not even two minutes later and there she was. All smiles. Waving at her momma with her daddy holding her. I couldn't press snooze. She doesn't come with a snooze button (they don't tell you these things when you get pregnant). But you know what, the minute I saw her, saw that smile, I was happy to be up. [Of course, that was after the "honey, did you happen to make coffee yet?" Which clearly meant- I need coffee. Now. Please. Thank you.]

It was a peaceful morning. I had my cinnamon flavored coffee. Sitting on the couch, feeling the crisp, fresh air from the cool night. Just staring at her. I couldn't stop staring. She makes my heart melt, especially in her new sock monkey flannel pajamas that I picked up at Once Upon a Child, a second hand kids clothing store. She just wanted to play and explore in those morning hours. Her sweet squishy legs crawled up to me and she held out her hand, waiting for me to grab hold. She wanted to take me on an adventure. We walked around the house. I barely could keep up with her legs wanting to run and take off, but not quite sure how to do it yet. So I stayed close by. Taking in those moments when she wants me near. She needs me to hold her hand. Because I know it won't be much longer before she is off. Walking, running, sprinting away from me. She is this close to walking. She takes a few steps here and there. But I am holding on tight to the fact that she needs me now.

I am right here for you, my sweet Audrey Rose. I will always be right here for you.

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