11 Months and Walking.

Audrey is one month away from one (as of Friday the 18th). All of a sudden she became a little person. She discovered she has a will this past week, with the lovely sounds of screams and the word "nooooooo." She doesn't always use it in the right context, but I know she knows what it means. Like when she stood in her crib when it was nap time and I heard "no. no. no. no." Over and over. And over. Until I came in and saw the biggest grin and swooped her out and we played instead. Because that's what we do.

She doesn't see herself as a baby anymore. But every single kid around her is one. Even if they are five. And she LOVES babies. I can't wait to get her a sling so she can carry one in. I think I might make one.

Having a baby doll is a great motivator to get her to walk. Yes, that's right folks, she is walking. A couple of weeks ago she started taking steps but didn't know how to catch herself. But now. She can move. Very cautiously and carefully. But she does it. And it makes my heart go boom boom. Maybe it will make your heart go boom boom as well. Here just watch...

Okay, you know one video just isn't enough...

So did it work? Did your heart go boom boom? Mine just did, again.

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