1st Birthday Gift Ideas.

I have been thinking about what I want to get Audrey for her first birthday. [Which is only about a month away- eek!] I am putting a lot of thought into it, because well, I think her birthday is a celebration. I am so blessed to have Audrey and I want to celebrate. I don't buy her a lot of things. When I do it is usually second-hand one way or another. We didn't even get her anything for Christmas last year or Easter or Valentine's Day. You get the point. But for her birthday, I want something special for her.

Here are some great gift ideas I have found in my search for Audrey's birthday present...

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug at Amazon. All of a sudden Audrey has been into climbing and trying to ride things. This would be perfect to scoot herself along. It has won numerous toy awards, so it must be good.

Bath Designer Toys and Scrubbies by Boon Inc., but is sold at Target. There's no doubt, Audrey loves bath time. However, lately, she has been getting tired of her toys. I mean, who can blame her, she has had the same pile of bath toys for the last year. I think she would love this set of cool, hip bath fun.
Robeez Soft Soles Classic MJ Bow Black by Robeez. Shoes as a gift? Most definitely. Audrey has a shoe fetish. No, seriously. And these are just plain cute. The soft sole is important since she is learning to walk. These would pair up nicely with much of her wardrobe too. Of course, I would be ordering the size up to 12 months- Audrey has some tiny cute feet! Touch and Feel Baby Books at Amazon. My little bookworm LOVES to read. One of the first thing she does in the morning and after naps is point to her basket of books. Sometimes she even hangs out in her crib for 10 minutes looking at them all. She especially likes the ones that you can touch and feel. Some of her favorite themes in books include: other babies, cats, dogs, and other animals. Learn-to-Play Piano by Melissa & Doug. This is on the more expensive side, but I think it could be a great investment. ['Maybe one day Audrey will become the next Mozart' investment. Just kidding. Sort of.] Audrey has a plastic piano that she is borrowing from a friend right now and LOVES it. This might be a good next step up for her.

The Safe Sippy by Barefoot Kids (A local store for me!) A sippy cup might sound like a funny gift idea. But if you know Audrey, then you know she LOVES to drink water. I could just picture her getting all giddy about a new sippy cup. And this one is straight up safe, wash after wash. Not to mention really cute.

Wooden Roller, Sorter, Stacking Ring Maker by Land of Nod. Any of these toys would be great for a one year old. Audrey loves to push/roll things. These are durable and made out of natural, non-chemical materials- definitely a plus!

Here are some fun birthday gift ideas from Etsy...

Crocheted Flapper Beanie by ZJohnson. With the cool weather approaching that just means adorable head coverings for Audrey. I love that you can custom order this hat with specific colors and size.

Tunic Dress: Pink Vintage Loopy Roses by Illia Designs. Need I write more? This dress shouts adorableness. It would be perfect in the fall with Baby Leggings.

Wooden Name Stool by Timeless Puzzles. This would be great because 1) it gives Audrey an early start on learning the letters in her name 2) she loves to take things apart right now 3) she is starting to climb on things.

Now the hard part. I have decide which one to get her. I am going to try to stick to just one or two things. Which one do you think would make a great gift? Do you have any other gift ideas to share?

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