Celebrate Good Times. Come On.

I want to write more and share pictures and talk about all the crazy things we have been doing. But I am going to get straight to the point.

We got an offer on our home tonight. Oooooh, yeah! A full-asking price offer, that is. [Insert dance here.]

Tomorrow we are going to accept it. And if all goes as planned, we close October 19th. Wait, did I just say October 19th? Whoa, we have so much to do before then. Our home that we are suppose to be moving into in about a month is uh, can I say, non-livable right now. [Insert long deep sigh here].

So just as we have been going out on a leap of faith, we will continue to do so. And put major hours of man-labor in our home.

We are super excited about it all. And know that it is all in God's timing and plan.

Random Sidenote: I won a pair of maternity jeans this week on the Simple site from Boob. Yes, I just wrote the word Boob. And I love the brand name. Simply genius. So I have these awesome maternity jeans coming my way, and well, I'm not pregnant. BUT I have definitely been thinking about baby number 2 more recently. I already have hubster on board, what am I waiting for, right? Maaaaybe we will wait just a little bit longer. I think I have enough on my plate right now- selling our home, fixing up another one, hubster starting his own company, to name a few. Oh, but babies are just so dang cute. And smooshy. And squeezable. And lovable. And oh yeah, I have one in the room right next to me. Peacefully asleep.

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