Things are Starting to Look Up.

Or maybe it's because I painted a freakin' ceiling today and I got a cramp in my neck from looking up for two straight hours. A most annoying textured ceiling that is.

We are trying to make progress on our new-old home we bought. Progress in the sense that it actually has to look worse before it can get better. Take this for example...

Kitchen before gutting it:

Kitchen after gutting it:

Lovely, right?

The bathroom has no toilet, sink, floor, and soon to be no tub. Oh, and three rooms have had the ceilings ripped out of them. All this demo work is making it slightly difficult to see my vision of a nice beautiful home to live in.

That's why I needed to paint. I need to see improvement. So I painted a ceiling. That's where you have to start when the entire room needs painted. And have I mentioned it was so not fun? I bought all the nice gadgets to go along with painting a ceiling, thinking it would make it easier. Um, fail. I saw this No-Splatter Shield painting tool at Lowes. Perfect. I won't get any paint on me or the floor and I will just leisurely roll the ceiling. Right? Wrong. Have you ever had paint in your eye? Mouth? Ear? I wouldn't advise it. Unless you think it is cool to look like you have some weird skin disease that involves white dots spreading around your body.

While you paint you have plenty of time to think. Like, I never want to look at another ceiling again. [Even though I have 5 more ceilings to go. And yes, this is a plea for anyone who wants to help me. I will love you forever. And ever. Promise.] Or, now I know why people give me crazy looks when I tell them we are remodeling an entire home. Or, when I am finished painting I am going to reward myself with an awesome dinner. Because food solves everything. [And yes, I did get rewarded with a nice dinner from Texas Roadhouse. I was not lieing, it was my motivator to finish painting.] Or, if Audrey was older I could have her help me and disregard any child labor laws. Joking. Sort of. Or, we are going to live in this home forever for all the hard work we are putting into it. And our kids will be forced to live in it forever. And their kids. And we will never move again. [Even though our plan is to live there for 2-3 years.]

I will just blame all my crazy thoughts on the fumes. Yeah, that is what it was, the fumes were just getting to me.

Things really are starting to look up.

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