Etsy Won.

After much deliberation and research I have finally bought Audrey's first birthday presents from us. Remember the list? Um, yeah, I ended up not buying anything from it. (Except the hat idea, but not from my original choice.) So feel free to use my awesome ideas, since I am not. Ha.

Etsy was my pick to find unique items for her. I purchased this beautiful sterling silver bracelet from Sophia's Closest. Obviously, it won't have "Bella" on it, but it will say "Audrey Rose." And have the October birth gem on it. Isn't it lovely?

We also bought her a hand-knit hat from Aura Knits. I went with this hat with recommendations from Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing and because I follow her daughter' blog. I can't wait to get it in the mail, I love that it has a rose on it, so appropriate for my little Audrey Rose.

That's it. Two things. I am cutting myself off from any more gift buying for her. She doesn't need much. But I feel like these are both practical [Don't argue with that. You know a one-year old needs a bracelet and adorable hat.] and memorable.

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