Just Call Us Crazy.

I have been packing, and cleaning, and painting, and shopping for bargains like for a $45 toilet. [Yes, brand new, at Lowe's on clearance. Well, actually it wasn't on clearance but they matched the price to the one that was because it was all out and still on display. I love a good find.]

We now have one room almost ready to move in. Our bedroom. It has been primed and painted. We just have to install a ceiling fan, new windows, and change out some electric, oh, and get carpet. And that is my idea of 'almost ready to move in.' Gah. But it's way better than some of the other rooms.

The kitchen and bathroom are still gutted. But a lot of progress has been made.

This is what the bathroom used to look like:
Doesn't look too bad does it? It had nice real tile on the floor and behind the tub. But the floor wasn't level at all. So we took the tile out. And found a leak in the toilet. Then took toilet out. Found rotten floor board. Took floor board out. Realized under tub was rotten. Took tub out. Tub was also rusted out. Took sink out. Because, well, it was just ugly. Took drywall out because of dampness. And this is what we ended up with...
(See my most awesome friend, Stephanie. She has probably already spent 15 hours or more volunteering to help us demo. She is fabulous and very talented with demo and rebuilding. I have some sweet friends. And family that have helped tremendously already.)
In a month I am suppose to be able to use the toilet in there. What do you think? Are we crazy, or what?

Um, don't answer that.

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