let's make a day of it.

What do you get when you mix a small Toyota Corolla, a 6'2'' tall husband, and two carseats? Not enough room. So yesterday we sold our little car in preparation for baby #2 to arrive (in just two months- eek!). The husband is too tall to drive with a carseat behind him. Yeah, he pretty much sits gangsta style, you know, seat as far back as possible. Now we are the search for a swagger wagon. [You should click on the link if you haven't watched that video yet- it is hilarious.]  And to stay with Dave's style (our man for financial wisdom), we are going older and cheaper.

We sold our car on cars.com (I highly recommend it- we did the cheapest ad of $15 and even found a coupon online so it cost only $11. Which totally beats a newspaper ad of $35 that only runs 3 days.) We had to drive up to Indianapolis to meet, so we made a day out of it and hit the zoo. What do you get when you have an overcast day, rain in the morning, and 73 degrees? A perfect day for the zoo. It was probably one of the least crowded days I have ever been to the zoo. And it was Saturday, we could hardly believe it.

I love seeing the animals myself, but what I love more is watching Audrey interact with her daddy.

I also love watching Audrey dance. "Mama, I hear moosic." She busted a move while we ate a footlong coney a healthy lunch.

I love those moments when life feels so right. The 'bottle of the moment' feeling. A zoo day with my little family was just that.

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