I'm pretty sure I skipped week 30, because I'm not sure how I am already to week 31. But it is here. And obvious.


(So I noticed in this picture that my wedding ring is on my right hand. I just finished making chocolate chip banana muffins and must have put it back on wrong. This is just proof of how much I have lost my mind lately. No, seriously. EDITED TO ADD: Ready for this one? 8 hours later my husband points out that the ring IS on my left hand because it is a mirror shot. MY MIND IS GONE. Help.  )

I'm feeling good. A little uncomfortable at night, but still doable. Naomi is a wild woman. Sometimes I feel like she is trying to reach out and grab me. Doc says I'm still measuring big. Which she thinks this babe might just be bigger. We'll see.

On another note, did you know it's World Breastfeeding Week? I think it totally rocks that there is a week dedicated to this. And to celebrate I bought myself a new Bravado Nursing Bra and Glamourmom Nursing Tank. (P.S. They are 25% off right now, use coupon code breastfeeding-week at checkout.) I'm getting really excited to have another little one to nurse, comfort, and nourish. I nursed Audrey for about 13-14 months. Every one's timeline is different with nursing, but that is what worked and felt right for me and Audrey. I can't believe in 9 weeks or less, Naomi will be attached to me in the most beautiful way.

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