She is going to be here before I know it. Six weeks left. Or three until I'm considered full-term. Or four if I go into labor the same time I did with Audrey (which I'm not expecting this, but just sayin'). Last night I actually preregistered for the hospital. And then I started thinking about what I'm going to bring. And I remembered the "big sister" gift I have been saving in my closest for Audrey.

A couple of months ago I won an AMAZING Corolle doll and carriage from Jessica over at Momma's Gone City. [Such an awesome gal I met through blogging, and has quite the stories to read about moving to the Big Apple and raising two kids there while her husband goes through dental school. You should stop over and say 'hi' to her.] I was ecstatic when my name was randomly chosen, because, duh, Audrey loves, loves, loves babies. The baby doll and carriage came in the mail and I immediately wanted to hand it right over to Audrey. BUT, being the thrifty lady I am and having a doll and carriage in my hands that retails for over $150, I decided to make it a special occasion to give to Audrey. And what better time then when she becomes a big sister.

Big sister and little sister are going to have so much fun playing dolls together one day. I can't wait.

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