craving fall.

[I made this wreath after being inspired by one I found on Etsy. This one is for a friend, but I plan on making one for myself. I wanted it to be not too "over-the-top" fall so it can be hung early and stay up for a while.]

I'm a lover of summer. I really am. Give me the heat. The sun. The lazy days on the boat. But after a couple of weeks of it being so incredibly hot, where we were actually stuck inside all day because of it, I'm ready for that beautiful fall weather. [But that winter, it can stay far, far away. Gah, I really really hate the cold.]

In fact, we have had a couple of days where it only reached around 84. I pretended it was fall and wore jeans and put cute leggings on Audrey. We ventured out to the park and soaked in the breeze with the leaves falling. Leaves are falling here. Seriously. The scorching heat has outright tried to burn them.

When September first hits, watch out. You may see my white pumpkins make an appearance and my fall candle, that I buy every year. I'm ready to change out my front door wreath. Keep the windows open all day. And sit and eat pumpkin pie on my front porch. I'm ready for light weight scarves, while still wearing sandals and jeans. And mums. Oh, how I love mums. They are such a gentle reminder of my mom.

Without wishing away time, I'm definitely anticipating the change of seasons. There is a season for everything, right?

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