my brain is scattered and so is this post.

I'm at the point in pregnancy where you actually start counting down. When you tell people how many weeks you have left. 8. That's it. It may sound like a lot. But in my head, it isn't. And last night I totally had one of those "you are very pregnant and emotional" moments. My sweet husband took the blame and apologized [For what? I don't even remember. That's pregnancy for you.] and I managed. I even did some sewing therapy.

I made Naomi her own diaper clutch and two burp cloths.

Yesterday I had my regular every two-week doctor check-up. Things are looking well. I don't want to take for granted these appointments that come so easy. Great blood pressure and no problems. I am very thankful for that. And just to make sure all is well with little Naomi's heart, next Tuesday we are going up to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis to get a fetal heart echo. This will tell us if Naomi has the same heart issue that Audrey had when she was borned (it's genetic). Audrey was born with Severe Pulmonary Stenosis. But after her heart surgery at 5 days old, she now only has Mild Pulmonary Stenosis and everything has checked out great since. [Sometimes that first week of Audrey's life still seems so unreal to me.] So if you think about it next Tuesday, little prayers would be much appreciated for our little Naomi.

For good measure. Here is my 32 week belly.

Today I got the official "mom seal." We bought a mini-van. [I told myself years ago I would never, ever drive a mini-van or wear a jean jumper as a teacher. Excuse me, while I swallow my pride on that first one. And I am determined to hold true to that second one. No jean jumper for me, no sir-re.] I can't believe we actually chose a mini-van to buy. But we did it, and I am so glad. It really is practical and makes sense for us, since we want more than two kids. My favorite part? The automatic power doors. Oh, and that we don't have a car payment (we bought an older one).

To keep the scattered post going, let me share with you the shirts I bought off of Etsy today from the shop Funzee with Onsies.

Except not that exact one. Because I don't have a daughter named Olivia. [Although I think that name is super adorable.] Instead I bought two shirts with that stinkin' cute mermaid on it. One shirt will say "Big Sister Audrey" and a teeny onsie that will say "Little Sister Naomi." So, so excited to received these in the mail. And you should check out her shop, there are tons of adorable shirts there that you can get customized. A lot of vintage looking ones! (I'm not getting anything for mentioning her shop, I just think it is really cool and wanted to share.)

So did you get everything in from this post? Let's review: 32 weeks pregnant, Naomi's heart echo on Tuesday, diaper cluth and burp cloths, bought a mini-van, and purchased some super cute shirts on Etsy. And somehow my brain still feels full and cramped with things that I can't organize.

Oh well.

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