it's a date.

I have so much anticipation inside of me right now. I keep thinking just six weeks left. I will have a newborn. I will not have a huge belly. It will be fall. I'll be able to wear my new wardrobe I have slowly been buying for post-baby (I know, this sounds lame, but it's something for me, you know.)

Then I have to catch myself.

Live in this moment. Live for today.

So that's what I'm doing. As excited I am about having a newborn soon, I am soaking in these moments I have left with Audrey, where it is just me and her. Our dates, just the two of us.

This morning we took a date to a waterfall and the park. On our walk we talked about the leaves, the acorns we found, the roots of the trees coming up out of the ground. I love hearing the tiny voice coming from her. And to watch her eyes light up at the smallest things.

Mama, do you hear that funny noise? (this is her new thing- anything she hears she says it's a funny noise)

Yes, sweetheart, it's the waterfall.

It's a waterfall, Mama. I wanna touch it.

And so we do.

On our date she reaches for my hand. She thinks I'm her safety net, but she is really mine.

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