After a lovely date with Audrey on Thursday, I had a weekend date with my husband. We went away to one of our favorite places, Madison, Indiana. It was just us and three other couples from our small group at church. All of us have kids, but we went away without them to focus on our marriages. It is so easy to get caught up in parenthood and put on the back burner our relationship with our spouse. [I know this, because we do it all the time.] And as difficult it is to leave our little ones behind for a weekend, it is totally worth it. And the kids actually benefit from it, because we come back with a stronger relationship with each other and kids can tell, no matter what age, you know.

Any who, moving on from what could be a really sappy post...

Thanks to my aunt and uncle who are so generous to let groups like us use their "vacation place," we all stayed in the most beautiful home that is like a bed and breakfast. We went boating on the river (thanks to our friend's parents who let us take their boat), played games, made s'mores (with peanut butter cups, you must try this if you haven't already), sat on the porch forever and just talked, boys went golfing while the ladies painted pottery, went out to the best local, quaint restaurants, and best of all, relaxed. A LOT.

On our way down to the river restaurant.

A kind of love this guy, a whole lotta.

Showing off my awesome skills while playing our version of the game Minute to Win It. I had to transfer five cotton balls to another bowl on another table using Vaseline on my nose in less than a minute. I was a rockstar and completed it, of course. [This is seriously one of the best games to play with a group of people. We didn't stop laughing through the whole game. Look it up, if you haven't heard of it before. It's a tv show, but our friends turned it into a game for us.]

The ladies at the pottery place. [Side note: Two years ago when we went, I was pregnant and so was my friend, Karlee (front left), and this year? We are both pregnant again, except I'm about 35 weeks along and she is about 11 weeks along.]

It was a weekend to remember. A weekend to focus on spouses and friendship. And to just be thankful. This was our third year doing this with our small group and we hope the tradition continues.

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