my {dollhouse} memories.

I remember like it was yesterday. I got a dollhouse kit for Christmas when I was about seven or eight. My dad and I spent hours putting that thing together. Gluing each shingle to the roof. Gluing trim around the windows. But the best part to me was when it was finally a house and I was able to decorate it. [Have I ever mentioned when growing up I wanted to be an interior designer. Okay, fine, I still do in a far off dream.] I used the scraps from the same wallpaper, carpet pieces, and laminate floor that were in my real home. I even sewed tiny pillows for the beds and made furniture for it in ceramics class [Have I ever mentioned I was the artsy type growing up, and not musically, but my mom put me in classes like painting and ceramics when I was really little.]

I still have that house and all the loveliness that goes with it. And even though Audrey isn't quite two yet, she seems to be following in my footsteps and loves to play with it. 

My heart smiles so big when I watch her pick up the same dolls I used and set them at the same table I had them eat at. And one day she will be able to paint and decorate that house just the way she wants, with her daddy.

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