checking in.

Checking in, folks. [And no, not to the hospital.] I thought I would pop in and say hello so that you know I'm not in labor. Although I thought last night it was going to happen while I was grocery shopping at 9pm. [All the cool cats are doing it on a Friday night.] I had to stop in the middle of the ice cream aisle next to two college-age boys (which I'm pretty sure I scared a little) and take some breathers. The contractions have been coming in the evening, enough to make me think just maybe and then they go away.

Today I kept busy with having a garage sale (purge, purge, purge) in the morning. Taking my little sister and sister-in-law homecoming dress shopping in the afternoon. Which made me feel really old, because ohmygosh teenagers and the dresses nowadays. On that note, Audrey and Naomi are not allowed to grow up. And I finished up my evening with a girl's night out at Olive Garden where I asked for more olives over and over and over again.

Now I'm home, resting. And thinking about how blessed I am. And how my little baby will be TWO in exactly one month.

Gah, I love her.

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