a moment in time.

I was busy finishing up dishes and packing lunch to bring to the husband at work. Audrey comes into the kitchen with her baby in tow (as always).

Hi Mama. (Seriously this phrase does not get old, I love it when she tells me hi in her little voice.)

Hi Darlin'. (I bend down to give her a hug and she proceeds to place her baby on my lap.)

Baby sit on you, Mama.

I smile and start to play This Little Piggy with the baby's toes. Audrey laughs and tries to say the words with me.

My turn. Shoes off. Piggy on my toes.

I was in the middle of trying to get multiple things done. We were getting ready to walk out the door to visit daddy at work. But she wanted her shoes off and to play This Little Piggy. And so we did. We sat on the kitchen floor for a good ten minutes and played.

It was so worth it.

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